An Open Letter to Ivonne Higuero, the Secretary-General of CITES

Dear Ms Higuero

At your last convention in Johannesburg you outlawed the Tiger Farms in China but supported the Canned Lion Hunting in South Africa.

Is this not a double standard. China has thousands of tigers in captivity and they are exploiting them for the body parts trade.

South Africa has thousands of lions in captivity and they too are exploiting them by canned hunting and body parts trade.

Therefore why do you condone South Africa but illegalise China?

So my question is how much pressure did the South African Government put on you to support the canned lion industry and body parts trade?

It is well known that many of South African conservation officials are actively involved and benefit financially from canned lion hunting and the body parts trade.

It is also well known that the Chinese Government is heavily invested in the big Tiger Farms and Wineries that make Tiger Wine.

Therefore the two examples are identical and the levels of cruelty in both countries is despicable.

My understanding of CITES is you are an independent body that monitors the trade in endangered species globally.

However its seems in this case that you are not independent, your decision to support canned lion hunting has been heavily influenced by the South African Government.

My question now that China has legalised trade in rhino horn and big cat body parts is have you reversed your decision to ban the Tiger Farms?

Will you issue a permit for every lion killed in South Africa and every Tiger killed in China?

How will you monitor the impact on the wild populations of Tiger and Lion?

Tiger is below 3000 in the wild and in the top ten endangered species on the planet. Lion has sunk to 25,000 and declining rapidly.

By allowing the trade in both lion and tiger parts are you not putting huge pressure on the wild populations?

CITES is a very reputable organisation. I’m sure you have a plan.

Can you share it with me in a public forum.

Tread Lightly on the Earth John Varty

Co owner Londolozi Game Reserve Founder: Tiger Canyon Founder: JV Images Founder: Campfire Singer Founder: Wild Life Warriors

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