An Open Letter to Mmusi Maimane, the Leader of the Democratic Alliance Party

Hello Mmusi

Thank you for requesting me to be your Facebook Friend, I am deeply honoured.

I am a political apathetic white South African male. I am ashamed to say that I have never actually voted in an election in South Africa. My only excuse is that I was in Kenya and Zambia during the time of elections.

However the Jacob Zuma era has been a serious wake up call for me and I suspect many South Africans.

I will most certainly be voting in the next elections and I have the ability to influence many people through my books, films and newsletters.

Therefore please regard my E-mail as research as I in fact know very little about politics.

I am however, well informed on the environment and man’s destruction of the environment and therefore you will find my questions very much loaded towards the environment.

One cannot separate land and politics, so my first question is, what is the DA’s policy about taking land without compensation?

I have lived in the Upper Karoo for the last 18 years. I have watched the farmers eke out a living on a hard, uncompromising landscape. To do this you have to be clever, resourceful and hardworking.

Does the ANC honestly believe that they can simply take land away from people that are third generation, that have invested blood, sweat and tears in the land.

My personal opinion is we will see another Boer War. What is your opinion?

What is the DA’s position on hate speech. Julius Malema’s hate speech is broadcasted around the world, damaging our image and hurting our tourist industry. Under a DA Government, would you tolerate racial, hate speech? Surely our Constitution does not allow for this?

As you know from your history, the greatest biomass of animals ever in the history of the planet, existed in the Greater Karoo. (Some 200 to 300 million springbuck once roamed across the Greater Karoo).

These great herds have been replaced by domestic stock, mainly sheep. Much of the area has been turned into desert by poor land use and management practices.

After the fall of Apartheid, many of the soft loans provided by the Land Bank disappeared. Many of the farmers have become absentee landlords and the land creates few jobs and continues to deteriorate.

The President, Mr Cyril Ramaposa, said in one of his early speeches that his goal was to create the finest tourist destinations in the world in South Africa.

If the DA got into power, would you look at the land use systems in the marginal low rainfall areas of South Africa?

It seems to me that a smart government could change the land use system in the Greater Karoo back to its indigenous state, introduce tourism and create hundreds of thousands of jobs.

The design of South Africa’s premier tourist attraction, the Kruger National Park is unfortunate. In their "conquer and divide policy", the architects of Apartheid failed to protect the vital river catchments of the rivers that flow into the Kruger Park.

The Crocodile, the Sabi, the Sand, the Olifants, the Letaba are all rivers that have been manipulated, subjugated and trashed by mismanagement.

In short, in the Homelands of Kangwane and Gazankulu, millions of people were dumped into the catchments of these rivers.

My question is, what will be the DA’s approach be to the management of the major river systems in South Africa?

As the river systems fail, the water table drops and the boreholes in the communities dry up. In many of these communities, the people were promised piped water to their houses 4 to 5 years ago. These have not materialised.

These communities are becoming frustrated and angry. They have taken to attacking tourist cars driving to the Kruger National Park.

This will hurt the tourist industry, which ironically is the biggest provider of jobs in the area.

What will be the DA’s policy of providing basic needs like fresh water to rural communities?

The population when Apartheid was designed was 12 million in 1948. The present population is 65 million.

Overpopulation is a global problem and not unique to South Africa. However a smart government will realise that they must come up with strategies that ensure the survival of their resources and their people.

Countries like Butan are already on this high road scenario, with zero emissions, complete protection of their forests and catchment areas. They are working hard to reduce human population growth rate.

What will be the DA's policy on population, over population and family planning?

When Nelson Mandela came to power in South Africa, we had a chance at a high road scenario. Sadly Jacob Zuma took us into the toilet, where Donald Trump and others regard us as the “Shit Hole” of the world.

My questions to you is, do you have a Nelson Mandela or Mahatma Gandhi in you ranks that can get us out of the toilet?

I work a lot in rural communities. Every second girl of 18 years old is either pregnant or has a baby. All are unmarried and all are cashing in on the grant of R400 per child per month provided under SASSA's Child Support Grants.

If the DA gets into power, will you take a serious look at the ramifications of the Social Assistance Act of 2004?

South Africa is mainly a low rainfall, arid country. It's mineral resources are dwindling and its mining industry is in disarray.

Many of the farming practices are simply not suited to low rainfall areas and are destructive to the landscape.

Beaches, Mountains and Deserts are not unique to South Africa. The one thing you have that is unique to Africa, is wild life. The advantage of wildlife is it thrives in big numbers in arid areas and it is a massive job creator.

Some private game lodges operate on a 4:1 guest to job ratio. In other words, a lodge that accommodates 25 guests, creates 100 jobs.

Whereas, I am not for grabbing land without compensation, I am for moving away from destructive forms of lands use.

My question is, will the DA appoint a commission to investigate the destructive land use systems in South Africa?

From the time Jacob Zuma took over, we have lost in excess of 1000 rhino a year. This is totally unacceptable. Much of the anti rhino poaching is financed by private enterprise and NGO’s. This too is totally unacceptable. The Government should regard the theft of our rhino as an attack on our national assets. It needs to put the full force of the Defence Force into the rhino war and finish it.

It needs to introduce serious jail time for offenders and it needs to take care of many prosecutions which have simply never got to court, because of bribery and corruption.

My question to you is, does the DA have the decisiveness and resolve to take care of rhino poaching fast and do you have someone in your ranks who can be a decisive and effective Minister of Environment?

The ANC’s last Minister of Environment, was frankly hopeless.

I look forward to the day when the United Nations introduces an International Cruelty Status. When this happens South Africa will be near the top of the list.

If the DA gets to power, will it immediately remove the Canned Lion Industry, remove cruel and badly managed zoos and remove all animals involved in circus acts?

If the DA gets to power, will it immediately investigate the cruelty involved in Industrialised Farming?

If the DA gets to power, will it immediately follow other countries in an anti plastic campaign which protects our rivers and oceans?

If the DA gets to power, will they greatly incentivise the move away from fossil powered motor cars to environmentally friendly cars?

If the DA gets to power will they greatly incentivise the move to solar energy?

The only politicians that I have known, were Nelson Mandela, Enos Mabuza and Thabo Mbeki. These were all highly approachable people. However the ANC has become an aloof, arrogant organisation, detached from its people. If the DA gets to power, will they be accessible to the people?

I am informed by reliable sources that if you want to win the 2019 election, you need to get closer to Mr Terror Lekota.

As mentioned previously, I know nothing about politics, but I know a lot about human psychology. I believe that the ANC has opened the door for you in 3 major blunders:

1) The election of Jacob Zuma as the President.

2) Once they realised their mistake, they failed to deal with it.

3) They allow Malema to continue with racial hate speech and they are not acknowledging or dealing with farm murders.

The ANC have opened the door, the questions is can you walk through the door and the big questions is can you do better than the ANC is doing?

I will put my E-mail address below, but I would prefer and answer in a public forum, as there are many concerned South Africans in the same boat as me.

I wish you all success in the 2019 elections.

Tread Lightly on the Earth John Varty Email:

Co owner Londolozi Game Reserve Founder: Tiger Canyon Founder: JV Images Founder: Campfire Singer Founder: Wild Life Warriors

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