Open Letter to Julius Malema about Flush Toilets

Picture: This 60 year old is going to a borehole 2 km from her home. With 7 containers, she will attempt to carry on her own 175 kilograms of water home. This is drinking water.

Dear Mr. Malema

Congratulations on your showing in the recent elections. From what I understand, you're the only political party in South Africa that has expanded their membership. There's no doubt that you are the Force to be reckoned with in the future.

In a recent interview, the interviewer asked you, if you were President of South Africa, what would you do?

You said amongst other things, you would give everyone in South Africa a flush toilet. What the interviewer did not ask, is where you will get the water to give everyone a flush toilet?

I make the following points:

1. A flush toilet is one of human beings finest inventions, however like the diesel motorcar, it is outdated. The planet simply cannot afford to give 8 billion, and soon to 10 billion, people a flush toilet. It does not have the water.

2. It does not make sense to take 1 litre of urine and use 5 litre of water to flush it, it is inefficient!

3. In villages alongside the Kruger Park, underground water is drying up, people are waking 3km to a borehole that has water in it and then carrying 100 kg of weight (4 times 25kg equals 100kg of water) back to their homes. Mr Malema, this is drinking water which is rapidly diminishing, so if they are really struggling for drinking water, how are you going to give them water to flush toilets.

4. Apartheid was not only a humanitarian disaster, it was also an ecological disaster. Many of the rivers that ran through the old homelands, used to be permanent rivers, they are now dry. South Africa has grossly mismanaged it's water resources.

5. The areas that you seek to put flush toilets, have some of the highest growth rates in South Africa. The South African President's desire to eradicate poverty, is a pipedream until he he can get the human population growth rate down.

6. Therefore, if you need 20 million flush toilets, you will need 40 million in 25 years time. It is unattainable and even if you manufactured 40 million flush toilets, you don't have enough water.

Therefore Mr. Malema, to achieve your dream, you must do what all great leaders do, you must think outside the box.

You must travel to Israel to see how they grow food and conserve water.

You must go to China to see how the human waste is not flushed away, but is transferred into the maize and the rice.

The Chinese can give you a design which will revolutionize every single rural house in South Africa. It's a flat roof, powered by solar panels which can grow food on the roof. Surrounding the house, are JoJo tanks which catch every drop of rain that falls.

The EFF should commission the finest inventors in the world to design your flush toilet that uses 2% of the modern flush toilet's water or does not use water at all.

In short, if Julius Malema could invent the Julius Malema Flush Toilet, you could possibly sweep to power in the next elections. (A word of warning, your political opponents may label you the best as the "Biggest S*** in Africa").

Jokes aside Mr Malema, I do believe that to become a winner in the modern world, you need to come up with an invention. Cell phones, the computer, Facebook, YouTube, email etc. changed the face of the planet. You must come up with an invention that improves the lives of the people you represent.

So I ask you the question which the interviewer should've asked you. Where does the water come from to give 60 million people in South Africa a flush toilet?

Tread Lightly on the Earth JV Global Environmental Activist Whatsapp: 27 (0)83 651 1600

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