Open Letter to Mmusi Maimane, Leader of the DA

Hello Mmusi Maimane

Thank you for placing me on the list of your first newsletter received today. You are the first politician to respond to one of my letters.

If you can rid yourselves of your political infighting, I have an idea which I think could help you win the next elections. I believe the key is the city of Cape Town. Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. On the one side it has a National Park on the other side it is surrounded by magnificent beaches. Within a short distance, one can be in one of the floral wonders of the world. Swimming past Cape Town and in close proximity, are icon animals like whales, sharks, seals and dolphins. Cape Town has Kirstenbosch which gives us a glimpse into what the forests were like when Jan van Riebeeck landed.

Cape Town also has a culture which I believe is highly conducive to the ideas which I am going to suggest. Everywhere you look in Cape Town are health shops, people jogging and vegetarian restaurants. Capetonians are evolving faster than in other cities in South Africa.

Many of South Africans greatest creative minds live in Cape Town. Musicians, actors, artists, writers, film makers and philosophers hail from Cape Town. Cape Town’s racial harmony record is good but you have the problem of great wealth and great poverty in close proximity. This will always result in a high crime rate.

So my plan goes as follows: It is in no particular order:

The first step is for your executive committee to watch the BBC series called Blue Planet especially the programme called Cities.

1) You pass a law, as San Francisco has done, that every new building built in Cape Town has to be powered by solar energy.

2) You incentivise every flat roof building in Cape Town to grow food on the roof.

3) You create conditions where flat roof markets can thrive with much lower overheads than the big supermarkets. In other words you allow people to grow and sell food much cheaper.

4) You remove all laws and regulations which create food waste.

5) You pass a law that within 5 years every building must have gutters which collect rain water leading into tanks. You have a minimum number of tanks per building.

6) You incentivise heavily the move to electric motor cars.

7) You provide the infra structure for the Tesla motor car to operate. (You find the most efficient electrical car system in the world and you replicate it)

8) You tax heavily fossil fuel motor car manufactures and incentivise heavily electrical motor car manufactures.

9) You shut down any institution which can be linked to cruelty. These include aquariums, zoos and circus acts.

10) You shut down any industrialised farming institute in and around Cape Town which can be linked to cruelty. These include chicken batteries and the pork industry.

11) You immediately remove the financial incentive to become pregnant under the single parent act.

12) You invest heavily in sex education in schools. You incentivise children born in families and tax children born out of wedlock.

13) You subsidise the termination of unwanted pregnancies.

14) You ban one use plastic immediately.

15) You incentive companies to clean up litter on the beaches and in the rivers and the ocean.

16) You use the finest brains in South Africa to research the above and to advise on how to implement it.

You turn Cape Town into the most environmentally friendly city in the world. You turn the DA into a visionary proactive organisation rather than a reactionary organisation.

Once you have this shining global example, your chances of winning the election skyrockets.

Tread Lightly on the Earth John Varty

Co owner Londolozi Game Reserve Founder: Tiger Canyon Founder: JV Images Founder: Campfire Singer Founder: Wild Life Warriors

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