Trophy hunting of lion Skye

The last two weeks has shown the advantage of social media. Charlie Lynam alerted us that Skye was missing. Don Pinnock came with incredibly good factual research. Maxine Gaines came with good solid scientific facts...the mud slingers got personal and tried to confuse and deflect but we stayed focused. The perpetrators made the mistake of not engaging with Don Pinnock when he invited them to. Those who were covering up remained silent.This is fatal.The Chairman of Umbabat has still not answered my open letter... Charlie Lynam has asked the committee how they came to the conclusion it is not Skye. ..nothing forthcoming. The lion skin sits at a taxidermist in White River but no one can see it...The Government Officials who issued the permit should be on the side of the public,he is paid by us,sits in the cover up camp. Many many people supported and still support this campaign. ..Emotion has its place...but those who are clinical who work in the areas where they can get results are the most effective. We live in a communication revolution. Twenty years ago a government could destroy a forest. Today they can still destroy a forest but someone is watching and someone is photographing. This is the power of social media. The Skye campaign is like a cricket test we will lose some battles but in the end we will win the war. The truth about Skye will be revealed.

Tread Lightly On The Earth


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