Wildlife Warriors



Today's Wild Life Warrior is Olivia McMurray who despite incredible odds has qualified as a Vet. Olivia works with Wild Life Vets. Following her successful bone marrow transplant, I predict the best is still to come from Olivia McMurray.

I first met Olivia when she was in the “Reach for a Dream” programme. This is a programme for terminally ill children. Olivia was only 7 years old at the time. Olivia and I did a game drive together and it became obvious to me that she had a deep love of wildlife.

Olivia has survived by having blood transfusions once a mouth (Olivia’s body does not manufacture red blood cells). Not only did Olivia survive, but she went on to become a fully qualified vet. In South Africa, to qualify for a vet, is extremely difficult even if one is healthy. Olivia’s achievement is truly remarkable.

Tread Lightly on the Earth




Today our Wild Life Warrior is Ray Nolan. Through his Precious Tree Project and using volunteers, Ray has planted over 18000 trees. Trees create rain, provide shade and sink carbon. If you wondering what you can do for a struggling planet, Plant a Tree.

Tread lightly on the earth



Today's Wild Life Warrior is George Monbiot. I believe that George Monbiot has in his intellect and communication skills the key to the future of the human species. If I was Goddess Gaia, I would appoint George Monbiot captain of Planet Earth. George Monbiot writes for the Guardian newspaper. Every article he writes should be compulsory reading for every politician on earth (Half the politicians wouldn't understand what he is saying). I urge everyone to read and react to what George Monbiot is predicting.

Tread lightly on the earth